Why Buy Quality Clothing?

High-quality clothing is made with care, which means it’s going to last longer.

We really do strongly believe that you save more money by spending a bit more on great quality for everyday needs.

Quality clothing lasts longer. Unlike Supermarket clothing which usually falls apart after a dozen washes or so, high-quality clothing can stand up to some serious wear.

You’re getting more out of your investment when you spend more up front.

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Why Should School Choose Us?

  • We provide the most possible avenues for parents to purchase their School uniform requirements. Through our store is open 6 days a week, You can order via Email, or by phone and we offer a free delivery service (depending on the quantity) to all of our Local schools and National Schools during term time,
  • We will purchase all of your existing stocks at cost price for the valuable funds you have tied up in uniform.
  • Your school will also benefit from a great amount of storage space and allowing your staff to focus on their job roles.
  • There will be no stress and strain in your school of needing to order the goods and store them.
  • We have the best school wear suppliers in the country so we can take things easy and stress free.
  • We are always here to offer our experience and advice for any changes you wish to implement to the image of your uniform or change the logo design.
  • We make donations to all of our schools on an annual intake evenings.
  • You can be assured of our due care and diligence as we are members of the Schoolwear Association.

Below is our Schoolwear Brochure where we work closely with Rowlinson Knitwear with their return rate of only 0.02% Please click the box and see the range of Colours and Sizes.